12/28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Titans began the season with the defending conference champions, and they end the 2003 regular season campaign with the defending Super Bowl champions. At the start of the season quite a few "experts" picked these two for the Super Bowl in Houston, and this could be a preview of things to come at the season's final game. The Bucs made a terrific acquisition in head coach Jon Gruden, and in return, he led the team to its very first Super Bowl appearance, decisively winning over his former team, the Raiders, in the championship game. Most of the member of the '02 team returns for what is hoped to be a repeat performance. By this game, Tennessee will be either looking forward to another post season run, or pondering what could have gone differently in 2003. judging by the success the team has enjoyed in the later parts of the past four seasons, it could be a safe bet that Jeff Fisher and crew will be drawing up plans for traveling to Houston!

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