8/23 Cincinnati Bengals

Again, revenge in the air, BUT this time the Titans MAY be on the receiving end. The old AFC Central rival fell to Tennessee 30-24 on October 27, in a highly controversial ending resulting from the Titans' front line holding RB Corey Dillon from scoring the winning TD - so said the officials.

Like every game at Titans stadium, the energy at Paul Brown Stadium for this preseason meeting could be high, as first round draft pick Carson Palmer figures to get some snaps. He may not play much in the regular season, but Bengals fans are roaring for something - ANYTHING - to happen which will make their team competitive again! Of interest to Tennessee fans will be the performance of players with local ties:

As for Jeff Fisher's squad, some player cuts will have taken place, and rounding out the roster with quality starters and reserve will be more important than who wins this match up on the Ohio River.

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